Family Wealth Transition

We use a proven process for building generational success.

Generational Planning in a family-owned business focuses on preserving family relationships.

Essentially, business financial needs and personal financial needs differences will erode family relationships - it is only a matter of time.  In order to offset that dynamic, we use a parallel process so family businesses are encouraged to build and preserve the emotional equity of their family while simultaneously building the equity of their company.  Family meetings are an important ingredient in this process and are designed to help the family preserve its relationships, share family stories and rituals and have effective communication about both family and business issues to preserve its legacy for many generations.

Phase One


1 - Introduction

We begin with a conversation that involves family members and owners of the business or shared wealth to discuss your needs, goals, and what our role is to help. Having family members attend this critical first meeting to discuss goals and expectations for the services is important for clarification of the process and purpose.

2 - Understanding

Our first step is to have to have family members, spouses, non family managers and key employees and professionals answer a set of questions and complete individual interviews to clarify answers to the questions, to develop the necessary understanding of the issues, concerns, and goals of your family, plus business history, current issues, concerns and future growth. We request information upfront in order to have a frame of reference and history in order for us to be effective in working with you.

3- Analysis

We will analyze the interviews and related information to identify major issues, concerns and opportunities and compile a report for the family with our recommendations and observations. We will then go through this report with the family and discuss each area, create clarity in these discussions with the family and agree to the next steps to assist you in achieving your goals. We make recommendations that will serve as the foundation for you to create a comprehensive Enterprise plan based on the families purpose and future vision. From this, a set of areas of focus and an action plan will be laid out to begin the work to achieve the goals

Phase Two

Plan Implementation

We offer important areas of services to support the business family’s implementation process of the Generational plan.

  • Facilitate monthly meetings
  • Coach for development of a Common Family Vision and Purpose Statement
  • Facilitate the Development of the Family Constitution
  • Coach for collaborative Team Skills to enhance communication and change management of transition for leadership
  • Coach and facilitate Family Council
  • Devise and facilitate a Succession Plan for ownership, leadership, management and business
  • Produce a Leadership and Career Development Plan for the next generation
  • Generate a Life Career Plan for the senior generation
  • Support monthly discussions with senior generation, entrepreneur and spouse
  • Provide expert Wealth and Business Enterprise planning
  • Coach for change management and transition for Senior Generations.
  • Family Retreat Development and educational sessions
  • Family Advisory Boards
Phase Three

Tailored Review & Maintenance

To ensure ongoing success, we will review progress, assist with concerns or changes and support fine tuning of your Transition Plan.

 This follow-up plan is designed uniquely for you to maintain the innovations and momentum that were established and implemented. The process includes periodic meetings and coaching to continue and sustain the success of the family and business.

We can help you with your Generational Plan.

Having a clear picture of what you want for your business and your family is essential for success and satisfaction.

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