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Generational Wealth Planning, Consulting and Coaching

Building Your Resources, Shaping Your Story

Obtaining the ultimate gift of a unified family enterprise is challenging. But that's what makes it rewarding. Look back ten or twenty years. Now look forward ten or twenty years--maybe one hundred years. What is it that you envision? We realize that it takes a blending of all resources to obtain the gift of unity.

Family Wealth Transition

Transition Definition: undergo, or cause to undergo, a process or period of change.


Succession Definition: the act of getting a title; period after the person who possessed the title before you has died or is no longer able, willing, or allowed to possess it.


Our experience with Transition and Succession are that both are important. We believe working through the process of the Generational Transition will be one of the greatest investments you will make. It starts with a focus on family relationships and the vision for the future. What is the Family Wealth Legacy that you would like your children and grandchildren, as well as your community and your soul, to have?

A family’s business is typically its most important asset and dominant activity. While central to a family, its company is only one aspect of what a family values most.

The family enterprise concept describes the full scope of activities that families engage in - areas that define and shape them. When families enlarge their lens and take into account all activities in the family enterprise, it allows for more thorough, coordinated strategies and long-term continuity.

Your Resource: Generations to Generations

We are here to guide you in working through a parallel process to blend your resources. Our role is to coach, teach, and facilitate difficult conversations while you develop your structures and grow your resources. Here is a sampling of focus areas we may address throughout the process:


Facilitate and coordinate family meetings and retreats
Guide the development of shared values and values seen in action
Guide the creation of a family mission statement
Guide the development of various governance structures for your enterprise
Guide the creation of your family constitution
Succession planning

Financial & Estate Plan Reviews

Personal and multi-generational financial planning
Estate plan review
Accumulation and distribution
Asset location
Business transition planning
Purposeful trust planning


Next generation leadership
Executive and individual coaching
Transition coaching
Family systems and patterns
Wealth education
Cycles of life

Risk Management

Review of insurance policies
Coordination for proper protection


Family offices, Attorneys, CPAs, Insurance Agents & more
Investment advisors and private placement experts